My Resume


My greatest strengths are strong analytical skills and seeing the organization as our customers see it. I make significant improvements to organizations by identifying areas that need improvement and creating solutions that work.

You will find me easy to supervise and easy to work for while getting the work done well, on time and under budget.


Management Skills: Primary Computer Skills:
Project management IBM and Mac computers
Estimating MTML, php
Cost analysis Microsoft Word
Scatter sheets Microsoft Excel
Inventory control Microsoft PowerPoint
Accounting and bookkeeping Microsoft Access
Collections Corel Office
10+ years public speaking experience Open Office

Special Skills

  • Fluent English and Spanish – I read, write, and speak both languages well

Summary of Work Experience

  • 10+ years management and supervisory experience
  • Private sector, government sector, non-profit
  • Construction, Food Service, Financial Services, Social Services, Education, and Employment Services
  • EVERY employer I’ve had with an Employee of the Month program has told me that I could not be Employee of the Month anymore because coworkers were giving up.
  • 10+ years bookkeeping experience
  • 10+ years sales experience
  • 10+ years negotiating experience
  • 10+ years public speaking; one-on-one; small and large groups up to 5,000+
  • 10+ years instructing experience – I have taught college, high school, and middle school, covering math, languages, literature, culture, and learning methods; I have been used to train new employees in every job I have had since age 18.

Community Involvement

  • Co-Chair of Latino Coalition of Mendocino County
  • I have been involved in a local non-profit for over 8 years filling the following positions: Department Head, Board Member, Secretary, Administrator, and Vice President.

Employment History

2/2014 – Present

Employment & Education Coordinator, BI, Inc.

1/98 – 1/2014

Rehabilitation Counselor, State of California, Department of Rehabilitation

Produced a computer slide show for new client orientation

Developed 10+ Excel templates used throughout the district

Changes in state-wide computer system were implemented at my recommendation

Letters of appreciation from clients

Letter of recommendation from supervisor

Consistent high reviews and production statistics

9/96 – 12/98

Teacher, DVCS (a private K-12 school)

Taught 7th through 12th grades in algebra, Spanish, and English

Teacher of the Year (first time awarded at the school – the award was requested by the student body)

4/91 – 12/98

Employment Program Representative, State of California, Employment Development Department

Created a case management overlay for Excel which was distributed throughout the state

Initiated the Migrant/Seasonal Farm Worker Outreach Program in Mendocino County

Frequently recognized as a high producer of successful placements in the Intensive Services Program

Promoted to Supervisor of Job Services Section

6/88 – 12/92

Regional Manager, Primerica Financial Services

Promoted from sales agent to Regional Manager in six months

1/90 – 3/91

Manager, Buckhorn Saloon and Restaurant

Created the first profitable month in it’s 5 year history – in my second month

Was told I could not be employee of the month anymore, due to coworker discouragement.

10/85 – 12/89

General Manager, Restoration Services

Earned Certified Restorer (the sixth awarded in California)
Wrote a data base to handle specialized payroll needs


  • 1 year course in cross cultural communication school in Spanish
  • Bachelor’s in business Management – Western Governors University – 2012
  • MBA – Western Governors University – 2016
  • ASCAR Small Business Management
  • ASCAR Certified Restorer
  • Career Trak Negotiate Like the Pros
  • Career Trak Project Management
  • Career Trak How to Deal with Difficult People
  • Franklin Planner Time Management